Learning Renewed: our Covid-19 response

Targeting the most vulnerable

The greatest impacts in terms of education, health and economic security are being felt by the most vulnerable learners, who are at greater risk of falling behind or not re-entering education. We offer insight from our Covid-19-related research in inclusive education and our extensive experience working with vulnerable children in a variety of contexts, including successful adaptations in our Girls Education Challenge programme in Kenya.

Throughout this crisis, the most vulnerable pupils are at the greatest risk of falling behind, or of not returning to school upon reopening. Education system responses will therefore need to consider how to support them – during periods of school closure, throughout the reopening phase, and beyond. Education Development Trust can help decision-makers and school leaders to ensure such support and protection forms a part of their response, drawing on our experience of working with vulnerable groups around the world.

We can offer expertise based on our extensive understanding of effective gender-based programming – we run one of the most successful Girls Education Challenge programmes through our office in Kenya. We have also conducted research on inclusive education, which is a key pillar of our national programme in Rwanda, and have extensive experience working in fragile contexts (including Somalia and South Sudan), as well as working with refugee teachers in Lebanon and Jordan. We are therefore well-equipped to provide support and guidance on effective approaches to supporting vulnerable children in a variety of contexts.