Learning Renewed: our Covid-19 response

System-wide planning support

Drawing on our Learning Renewed ideas and building on the support we are providing to policymakers globally, we can provide advice and guidance to support Covid-19 school reopening strategies. This can include both planning and implementation phases through which education ministries will be working, covering a range of key strategies related to schools, systems and capacity development, and inter-ministry working.

Decision-makers will need to ensure that the systems are prepared for the return to school, or for cycles of transition as the public health scenario changes. This will require building flexible workforce models and ensuring that highly differentiated student needs can be understood and met at scale. Education Development Trust is supporting system leaders internationally as they plan for further change.

We are supporting policymakers internationally in these areas– from Kenya to Brunei.  In Kenya, for example, we are rapidly mobilising a network of health volunteers to help reach vulnerable girls who are most at risk of disrupted learning continuity. We can also help system leaders understand how to consider and utilise community leaders, parents, and youth or peer leaders in their planning, as in the response to the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone.