Our expertise


We invest annually in our programme of education research so that education change can be evidence-informed. Our research informs policymakers around the world as well as our own work on the ground.

All of our research supports our aim of transforming lives by improving education around the world. In our research, we endeavour to shine a light on promising practice. By methodically and systematically analysing 'bright spots' through quantitative and qualitative research, we identify lessons that can offer insight for other education systems. Equally, we conduct much-needed research in areas where there is little evidence and where there is a need for evidence that can support policy and reform.

Our research varies from literature reviews to detailed field work and, as well as designing our own research studies, our team of in-house researchers are also commissioned by others. To extend our reach, we regularly partner with like-minded organisations such as Save the Children, Unicef, UNESCO, Oxford University and the British Council or we work on behalf of the Department for Education or the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Leading the conversation

How do government schools improve quickly? What impact does armed conflict have on education? How can governments hosting large populations of displaced people best teach refugee children? What national and international lessons can be learned from the transformation of London’s schools or from Vietnam’s educational success story? While our research does not – and cannot – have all the answers, we are committed to researching the topics that matter and to sharing our findings with everyone.

How we fund our research

Our research is funded by our surplus and our carefully selected research projects are aligned to Education Development Trust’s areas of education specialism. Please note that we are not able to fund individual students’ research studies other than through the Tim Morris Award. 

All of our research is available to download free here on our website.

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