About us

Our governance

Education Development Trust is a UK-registered charity and is governed by a board of trustees who direct the organisation's work. The trustees oversee the leadership team led by Chief Executive Patrick Brazier who, in turn, manage Education Development Trust staff across the globe.

One of Education Development Trust's five core values is accountability and our governance structure allows this to be continuously evidenced and demonstrated. Together, multiple boards and committees ensure transparency and accountability throughout the organisation.

Board of trustees

The trustees carry full financial and legal responsibility for Education Development Trust. Our trustees bring a wide range of expertise and experience to the organisation and ensure that everything that Education Development Trust does is in line with its objectives. Our chair of trustees is Ilse Howling, our president is Sir Jim Rose and our vice president Sara Hodson. Our full board of trustees comprises: Christine Gilbert, Julia Grant, Bob Humphreys, Jonathan Simons, Angela McFarlane, Joy Hutcheon and Tanya Barron.

Leadership team

The board of trustees delegates the day-to-day running of Education Development Trust to the leadership team. Their job is to deliver according to our values and mission statement and manage staff across the globe. As chief executive, Patrick Brazier is supported by research and consultancy director Tony McAleavy, education services group director Anna Searle, marketing and public affairs director Cheryl McGechie, and finance and corporate services director Bob Miles.


Education Development Trust has a council of some 35 members. The members take an active role in Education Development Trust's work and share their education experience and expertise for the benefit of the trust. The membership elects the elected trustees and is responsible for reviewing Education Development Trust's work, principally at the annual general meeting.

Education committee

Education Development Trust reinvests up to £1 million of its surpluses into research and the education committee decides on the funding for Education Development Trust's research and development projects. The committee is made up of a mix of trustees and members of the leadership team.


Most recent Annual Report and Accounts

Education Development Trust annual report and accounts 2020-21 Education Development Trust annual report and accounts 2019-20 Education Development Trust annual report and accounts 2018-19


Gender pay reporting

Education Development Trust in the UK is required to report on the organisation's gender pay gap. Read our gender pay report below.

Gender pay gap 2023 Gender pay gap 2022 Gender pay gap 2020 Gender pay gap 2021 Gender pay gap 2019 Gender pay gap 2018


United Nations Global Compact

Education Development Trust has committed to support the United Nations Global Compact and its Ten Principles in the areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption. Click here for our Communication on Engagement with the United Nations Global Compact. 


Our carbon reduction plan

Education Development Trust is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2040. Read our Carbon reduction plan below.

Carbon reduction plan 2022 Carbon reduction plan 2021