Our expertise

Improving school systems at scale

From direct-to-school school improvement initiatives to the shaping of government educational policy on a national scale, we effect change within school systems.

Our global expertise has been proven over the last 50 years as we deliver transformational programmes and advise national, regional and local government on education reform that leaves a lasting legacy of positive change.

We work with governments at all levels and others in charge of determining the content and direction of education in diverse countries, each with their own specific context and needs. Our work ranges from the strategic – short- or longer-term consultancy – right through to on-the-ground design and delivery of programmes. We identify what action governments need to take or, alternatively, we respond directly to a pre-determined brief to deliver specific contractual programmes. In some markets, we work directly with groups of schools to deliver our unique approach to improving educational outcomes through a managed framework of school-to-school collaboration.

Underpinned by research

Our approach is founded on both our international experience and our continuous research programme. We are the only education services organisation that spans research right through to delivery of programmes for and in schools – including in our own independent schools in the UK and internationally.

For us, transforming a school system is all about increasing life chances for children. We might look specifically at getting marginalised girls into school as we do in Kenya, alternatively, we might design and deliver high quality, collaborative and empowering continuing professional development for teachers like with Accelerate in England. Equally, our remit might be to work with the government in charge to set the entire educational blueprint as is the case in Rwanda. Our response varies to need and context.

Tailor-made education solutions

With 50 years of experience of working with education systems around the world, we design our own frameworks and solutions that schools can access directly – we know what works. Our Schools Partnership Programme has been constructed for UK schools and is growing year on year. Similarly, our expertise is potentialised through our education consultancy offer whereby we provide lasting solutions tailored to individual requirements around the world.