Learning Renewed: our Covid-19 response

Coaching for system leaders

Dramatic new demands on education leaders have pushed strategic decision-making into a new realm. We have experience of coaching senior policymakers internationally, from Brunei to Rwanda, and can provide remote coaching services for individuals or for group professional learning communities.

The Covid-19 pandemic means that education leaders not only need to respond to the crisis today, but also need to engage in horizon-scanning for more transformational change needed in the future. Education Development Trust can provide remote leadership coaching to ministry officials and system leaders, helping them to navigate uncertainty, plan school system reforms to support the best possible outcomes for all children, and be sure to learn along the way.

We have a team of qualified coaches at Education Development Trust, with experience of coaching senior policymakers internationally. For the last five years, we have also supported top Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) policymakers with ‘learning journeys’ based around key policy challenges, to help leaders navigate team development and capture their learnings. We can provide remote coaching services, including 1:1 sessions or group professional learning communities to navigate team challenges. We can also facilitate policymaker workshops and seminars featuring support with scenario planning and modelling.